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A brass orchestra of twelve musicians accompanies us. The repertory is joyful and varied. It is inspired by popular, picturesque and lively tunes like polkas, waltzes, « Montferrines », mountain games, rounds of crafts. Any accessories can be used in the dance such as the Sirs’ canes and the Ladies’ baskets. To show our dances and traditions, our group has travelled a lot in many countries : Italy, Hungary, Canada, Ecuador, Turkey, Dominican Republic and even further, the far end of the world, in New Zealand.

Our group was founded in 1947 ; it will thus celebrate its 60 years next year. Few formations can say the same! Its name comes from a kind of farandole that some time ago mixed the lords and their good people on rhythms and tunes of the Gruyere County. We are indeed from Bulle, county town of Gruyere; this is why we wear the « dzaquillon » and the « bredzon ».