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Our costume: «dzaquillon» and «bredzon»

The « dzaquillon » is the working dress of the teddy girls. The dress, without sleeves, is well adjusted to the waist and has a flared skirt. The Coraules wear a striped dress. Its low neckline is veiled by a scarf. The sleeves of the shirt appearing from under the dress are short and puffed. The flap apron gives a coloured note to the costume, blue, pink, yellow... In the back, the Ladies wear a large hat which protected their delicate porcelain complexion from the strong sunrays during haymaking.

The « bredzon » is the working suit of the « armailli », the cowherd who manufactures the Gruyere cheese on the mountain pasture. The trousers and the jacket, with short, puffed sleeves and edelweiss-embroidered collar, are made of a blue-grey fabric called triège. On top of their head, they wear the « capette » made of straw with a silk and black velvet finish on the outside. They always have their shoulder/belt bag with them, a kind of small satchel called the « loyi », which is a salt pouch. It is embroidered with a motif of the owner’s taste and counts on each side a small cornet, which is a hollowed out cow horn containing milking grease.